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Over the past several years our small t-shirt company that started out in a friend’s garage, has slowly begun to grow into a profitable business. All throughout this growing process, the urge to make a difference was always there, the urge to somehow figure out a way to use our success to give back. That urge has gotten too strong to ignore and I have decided to use my t-shirts as a platform to give back and make a difference. I decided to create 272 Graphics’ “27.2%” program. I have decided to give 27.2% of all profits per month to a chosen charity. This charity or fundraiser will be submitted and voted on by fans of our 272 Graphics Facebook page. The winning organization for that month will receive a check from us during the first week of the following month. Any organization that is classified as “non-profit” will be eligible. We hope that this program will persuade people to give back and make a difference. Please visit our 272 Graphics Facebook page for more information.

Peyton Dufrene
Co-founder and Owner
272 Graphics